Service Price List


# Service Description Unit price
1 Install Third-Party Theme It is possible to install any (free or legal paid copy) theme on your site. Customization, fixing errors in the template and fixing conflicts with existing modules are not included. $35
2 Customize Theme Styles

This means changing styles in css without changing the html code and functionality of blocks or behavior. You must have a description of the task (for example, if you need to make the site green, then what kind of green - provide a link to an existing example of the color or its HEX code).


If you ask to change the colors of the site to other colors, as well as change the size or font typeface and roundness of the buttons - these are 3 different tasks.

If you ask to create a green style and then ask to change it to a darker green color, it means 2 different tasks.

$15 per task
3 Block customization This customization includes changing php, html, and javascript if you need to change the behavior $50 per item
4 Install Third-Party Extension

It means only installation process without any customizations of styles. Module settings are included. Bug fixes and resolving conflicts with existing modules are not included.

Nota bene: The cost of the extension is paid separately!

$25 per item
5 Fix an error

If you have installed a third-party extension and there is an error or conflict with another installed extension or theme, you can order this service.


If another error occurs while fixing the error, it is charged as a separate bug. This sometimes happens, for example, when 2 different modules change the same system file code or code in a template.

$50 per bug
6 Migration to other hosting If you wish to move your site to other hosting you may order this option. Server configuration is not included. $100


# Service Description Unit price
1 Designing a simple logo Terms: you describe what you want to see on the logo and what colors to use. We offer you 3 variants of the design according to the Technical task and 2 more variants of our taste. You choose which option suits you. You can ask to make 3 changes to the selected variant. 1300 грн
2 Premium design for you shop We create design from scratch without themplates. It is actual for status more than for selling online. $2000

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