Cheap ecommerce website builder

Perhaps offers a cheapest online store website builder. Our prices can be compared with virtual hosting prices.

How is it possible to have such low prices?

  1. We are a small company without a lot of managers
  2. We use Free Software called OpenCart

If OpenCart is free, why do I need to use

Actually, you can use OpenCart without us. In this case you will have to install OpenCart on hosting by yourself. You will have to pay for hosting. And it will be about the same prices. Also you will have to buy a design template and some modules and install them yourself.

In addition, the hosting support team will not be able to help you with the functionality of the site. They only solve problems with the hosting. We solve problems with the site. Naturally, this is paid separately at predetermined transparent rates.

What else is interesting besides the cheap price?

This is the single online store builder where you can download your store files and use them on another hosting if you see fit. Of course, in that case, you will need to pay for licenses for several modules.

Is it cheap and cheerful?

OpenCart is quite simple shopping cart system. But it is possible to be extended with very powerful extensions. As is mentioned in Forbes article: "If you’re somewhat technical and want more control over the look and functionality of the website, choose OpenCart". It is ready to grow with you business.

What disadvantages come with a cheap price

Because of the low price, we cannot maintain a large support staff. That's why we don't have online chat support. All issues are resolved by email correspondence. Depending on the workload, you will have to wait from 1 to 3 days for the problem to be solved.



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