Hetzner alternatives

Look for Hetzner alternatives? At the moment I know only one real alternative to Hetzner with cheaper prices. It is the German hoster Contabo.

Hetzner VPS Cloud Prices table


Best Hetzner alternative is Contabo Cloud VPS


Interesting aspects of Contabo

  • There is no problem with the installed OS. Everything works at once without the need to install or configure anything.
  • You can choose what type of storage do you want. It is possible to get more space with SSD and less space with NVMe.
  • There no hourly payment. You pay monthly only (!).
  • If you want to locate you server on other place than Germany you will pay +2 euro/mo


Other Hetzner alternatives are sucks

Let's take a look at the prices of others Hetzner alternatives that are promoted in different articles

DigitalOcean - an alternative of Hetzner

Hetzner alternatives - kamatera.com

first-root.com Hetzner alternative

oneprovider.com is very bad alternative for Hetzner


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