How to start an online store for free?

To start an online store for free you can use platform. There are next illustrated steps you need to do.

Firstly you need to register on the and to login.

Start online store free on


Register to create online store

You need to confirm email to continue online store creation

Email confirmation (Gmail example)


Click link to activate email


Login on

Click 'Create new project' to start you shop

After you logged in you have two ways to start an online store. You can click "Create new project" button on the Dashboard or to use item with the same name in "My projects" menu at the header.

There will appear simple form you need to feel. 

Pay attention that on this stage you may start you store on subdomain of only.

If subdomain is available, there will appear green tick on the Alias field. If subdomain is already used, then there will apear red warning text: "The Alias field must be unique for this site. Current value already exist." You can choose available alias only. 

After all you need to click "Apply" button.

Fill the form

The process of creating the site has started

Creation of you store has finished


You can open link and view your online store

If store creation is successfull, there will appear green message that site xxx has been created successfully.

Thats all! You have started your free online store. You can click on link in response message to view your shop.

Also you will recieve login details on your email.

You will recive login data by email

Do you want just to try?

Start you own online store without any payment!

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