E-commerce website makerCreate free online store with unlimited products

It is easy to use and cheap to extend functionality


Create free ecommerce website. Trial period is 2 months.

Unlimited products

Create free ecommerce website with unlimited products. Many platforms limit the number of products for each tariff. We don't make such restrictions.

Quick start

We want you to start selling as soon as possible and have the opportunity to buy a paid subscription. You can create ready made online store in a minimum of time.

Based on OpenCart

You will get a more professional ecommerce store than online builders offer. It's code is better for SEO. Also it is ready to grow with you business.

What will you get?

The site is really yours

The site will really belong to you, and not to the platform. It's mean that any design template that you'll choose and extension you'll have on your site will be licenced for your domain. On the paid subscription you can download all files and even migrate to another server if you want. That's why we think it is the best ecommerce website builder.

A lot of "How to" instructions

Thanking OpenCart is Open Source software there are a lot of instructions for it on the Internet. We also try to create more illustrated instruction how to make anything with your site step by step.

Help with content management

If you don't have time to manage products on the site and you have any catalog (like xls document) it is possible to order content-management service.

How does it work?

Here’s what you need to do step by step. These are pretty simple actions that will lead you to your own ecommerce website.

  1. To start, you need register at site
  2. It is necessary to create a new project for you site on subdomain (like example.letme.shop) in dashboard
  3. We will create and setup the site with demo content for you in time within a day
  4. You just have to fill out your products and start selling
  5. To attach your own domain, you need to activate a paid subscription. But this is not obligatory.
  6. It is possible to order some customization by developer if you need


Online Catalog of your products

Shopping cart, product comparison, wishlist, price with taxes and without it, payment gateway.

Mobile version

A lot of clients use smartphones for Internet surfing. Your online shop will have adaptive mobile version

SEO Ready

Site is technical ready for search engines. It is possible to insert third-party code (like Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel and other).

Marketing Tools

Discount, special prices, client-groups, coupons

User account

All buyers will be stored in database. It is possible to contact them again.


Get users reviews about your products

Handy Product Manager

Extension Handy Product Manager for more convenient editing of products is add on.

Import products from your price list

You can upload products from your price list in xls (or csv) file.


Statistic for most viewed products, most purchased products, etc

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the most common questions

Is letme.shop a typical ecommerce website builder?


We create your online store using OpenCart CMS. It is self-hosted product that needs to be configured by specialist. You are real owner of your site inclusiv it's code and design. It permits to change anything when you want.

Start by creating account. Then select the subdomain for your online store.

Sure! You can create online shop for FREE on subdomain examplename.letme.shop and use it for 2 month. During this time, you can understand how suitable opencart is for you.

Of course you can install Third-Party extensions on all tariffs. But fixing issues of them is included on PRO tariffs only. On Business it is available for a fee.

Yes! It will be clearly better than the stores that are created in the site constructors.

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